Career Moves: Making the Right Career Move

At Race 4 Jobs we will help in growth – personal as well as professional. We enhance the ability of an individual to work in diverse conditions with regard to the nature of industry, technology, work culture etc. If an individual is able to deliver every time, this varied experience is valued highly by potential employers.

We believe in adding value to careers. Only when we are sure that a career move will benefit you in the long term, we recommend you to consider it. The cost of a wrong career move is high; it takes significant time, effort and some luck to rectify. Career moves without growth and consolidation at each stage can be damaging. We can help you in timing it right and pursue opportunities that help you consolidate your career.

We are proud that we have assisted hundreds of candidates in their career moves helping them get an assignment that adds value to their careers. Our value system, human resource consultants, professional approach, systematic processes, knowledge-base, and the network of offices have helped us win the confidence of many worthy candidates that have reposed their faith in us.

  • Values & beliefs
  • Systematic processes
  • Professional team
  • Knowledge base
  • Confidentiality

Values & beliefs:

We would never advice you to make a change that can hurt your career. We believe in conducting our business with honesty and professional integrity. When we counsel you, our advice is based on what we believe is the best for you and not to us. We will recommend the better option in our judgment, even if it means a loss of potential revenue to us.

We are careful in choosing our clients – we work closely with companies that are stable, ethical, and well-managed. And we take equal care in recommending candidates to our clients; only when we are convinced that the candidate will align with our client’s culture & value system and deliver value in the long term do we refer them to our clients. This approach benefits our clients and you.

Systematic Processes:

Our processes are well defined and systematic. They are also consistent across our various offices.

• Placement consultants in India, CV Validation – Your profile is validated on the basis of education, quality of experience, roles & responsibilities handled, key skills, domain knowledge and key skills & strengths are identified.

• Personal or telephonic meeting – Understand the profile better in terms of skills, quality of experience, personality etc., understand and counsel on career choices and preferences etc, suggest modifications to CV if appropriate.

• Preparing a “skill profile” and a “resource summary” for our database.

• Matching your skills against requirements.

• Conveying the requirements to you and getting your feedback & consent before referring you to a client.

• Coordinating interviews and guidance on the approach to the interviews

• Advising on compensation and assisting in negotiation.

Professional Team:

Our team comprises of individuals with diverse industry backgrounds  and functions. This breadth of experience helps us appreciate the different industries and functions.

Our team has members with varying degree of experience, ranging from a few years to over twenty years and every office of Resource is managed by senior professional with the experience and knowledge to validate and assess candidates irrespective of their professional background.

This enables us to have effective interaction with candidates at all levels and to assess, counsel and identify positions appropriate to their experience and capabilities.

Knowledge Base:

We have a system of assimilating information from various sources to build our knowledge-base. All our processes are designed to leverage our knowledge most effectively to facilitate your placement. We continuously monitor the trends in the various industry segments and have specialists in our organization focusing on specific industries / functional areas.

This enables us to give more options to candidates, particularly to those who are also looking for a shift from traditional to emerging areas. For us, monitoring and evaluation of the market and the opportunities is a systematic and a continuous exercise.


A career change, although meant for professional reasons, is a very personal experience. A CV is a confidential document and our systems and processes ensure its confidentiality. We also believe that the seniority of a position / candidate does not determine the level of confidentiality. The entire process is confidential for every candidate. Your CV is made available to a client only with your prior consent.